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50T/24h Maize Milling Project

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We have installed a 50T/24h maize milling project in African Tanzania. Cleaning process adopts one pre-cleaning and two cleanings. It has a TQLZ60*100 cleaning sieve, a TQSF60 destoner, a dehuller, a plane revolving sieve, a germ selector to form a one pre-cleaning one de-stoning one dehulling one sieving and one germ separating two magnetic separatings and one dampening process. This technical process is completely in line with local maize cleaning and processing. The milling workshop adopts full automatic frequency control MMD25/100 roller mills, a FSFG4×20k plansifter, a electronic weighing and packing scale. The whole production line adopts PLC control. Enclosed pipes are used for ventilation and de-dusting. The milling technology can be adjusted to satisfy customer’s different requirements. It is highly automatic and workshop’s normal operation only needs four workers, greatly reducing labor forces. The equipment is arranged compactly and pleasant to the eye. The floor area is small; workshop hygiene condition is good; operation is flexible.

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