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The 2019-cov epidemic has some impact on China's foreign trade, but the impact is limited

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  During the Spring Festival of 2020, the epidemic situation spread rapidly across the country. The whole country worked together to fight the epidemic. In order to avoid large-scale population movement and gathering, preventive measures such as home isolation and extension of the Spring Festival holidays were adopted. The《 International Health Regulations》 declare that the 2019-cov epidemic constitutes an "International Public Health Emergency" (PHEIC). Both domestic and foreign are paying close attention to this epidemic situation, and global trade and China's foreign trade are facing changes.

  The Chinese economy is bound to be affected, but the impact is mainly limited to the first quarter. Under optimistic estimates, the prevention and control was timely and effective, the epidemic lasted for a short period , and the impact on the economy was mainly limited to the first quarter of 2020. The peak of the epidemic occurred in mid-February, and then gradually declined. The quarterly GDP growth rate is expected to be 4%, 6%, 5.8%, and 5.6%, and 5.4% for the full year of 2020. With the background of the overall economic environment being damaged, China's total imports and exports in 2020 will also be affected.

  In view of the global attitude towards the epidemic, so far, trade activities in various countries have not been suspended due to the epidemic. For example, on January 30. 2020, the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia said that although China has 2019-cov epidemic , Malaysia and China's import and export will not be affected.

  At present, there have been no new cases in Hebei Province where our group is located for 14 days. Most enterprises resumed work and production.

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