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Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully conquered the separation technology of wheat aleurone layer

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China's food security and national health usher in new opportunities

The reporter learned from the seminar on "strategic significance of wheat aleurone layer" held in Beijing that the physical separation technology of wheat aleurone layer has been overcome by Jiaxing Sino Russian science and technology transformation center of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Experts at the meeting believe that this high-tech technology can effectively expand the scale of China's grain industrialization, which is of great strategic significance to ensuring food security, increasing grain output, improving grain quality and building a healthy China

Aleurone layer is the innermost layer of wheat kernel cortex, between the wheat seed coat and endosperm. Although it only accounts for 7% - 9% of the total weight of wheat grain, it is rich in more than 70% of the main nutrients and essence of wheat.

Experts believe that wheat aleurone layer has obvious effect on improving "three high", constipation and obesity, and is an indispensable core content of whole grain food.

Since the end of 1980s, American researchers found the value of wheat aleurone layer, international food enterprises have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to study the industrial application of aleurone layer. Researcher Wu Liang, one of the project leaders, said that after eight years' efforts, Jiaxing China Russia science and technology transformation center of Chinese Academy of Sciences has finally developed the cyclone vortex micro nano separation technology, which has solved the technical problem of industrial pure physical separation of wheat aleurone layer for the first time. He said that wheat aleurone layer separation method and separation technology equipment are in the world's leading level, with independent intellectual property rights.

Wheat is one of the three internationally recognized staple foods, which plays an important role in food security. China's annual wheat production is more than 120 million tons, of which 20 to 30 million tons of wheat bran are mostly used as livestock feed.

At present, China's total number and growth rate of chronic patients represented by "three high" are the world's first, and the supply of healthy food has become the primary problem in building a healthy China. Experts at the meeting believe that through the promotion of this technology, China can obtain more than 10 million tons of aleurone layer from the bran produced by wheat processing every year through physical technology, which makes China's grain increase its grain production with high technology, further ensure food security, and improve the quality of grain, so as to achieve healthy eating.

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