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Maintenance methods for the malfunctions of a complete set of flour milling machinery

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What maintenances should be carried out for the malfunctions of a complete set of flour milling machinery? Actually there are some issues that should be emphasized:

1. Check the oil pipeline in time. For the oil used in oil pump of a complete set of flour milling machinery, 20-40# machine oil or hydraulic oil of other viscosities should be adopted according to the temperature; oil pipeline should be checked semi-annually to remove the impurities in the oil pipeline.

2. Always check the tension of driving belts. Too loose belts will reduce the driving efficiency and affect milling effect; too tight belts tend to cause bearing overheat and increase power consumption, and decrease driving belts’ service life.

3. All kinds of driving parts in a complete set of flour milling machinery must be secure and reliable; detach and install them with special tools; it’s prohibited to impact the parts directly with a hammer or other tools.

4. Change the rollers periodically and orderly; don’t change too many rollers at one time and meanwhile the diameter difference of the rollers cannot be too big; the angle, slope and teeth of the tooth rollers should be in accordance with stipulations and there should be a certain top plane on the tooth.

5. Always check bearing temperature; if the temperature is too high, check if the lubricating parts and driving parts are normal and if the roller gap is too close, etc. Find out the reasons and adopt related measures. Stop the machine to check if the case is serious.

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