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How to clean the roller surface of corn flour milling machinery?

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Equipment needs maintenance. Well, how should we clean the roller surface of corn flour milling machinery?

When rollers are working, some powdery stock may adhere to the roller surface. The higher the stock moisture is, the smaller the roller gap is, the adherence will be serious. It’s more the case for smooth rollers which have strong pressing and milling effect and poor shearing effect. To ensure the mechanical and technical performance of corn flour milling machinery, a cleaning device is necessary to keep the normal working status of the roller surface. At present, a brush close to roller surface by a certain pressure is used to clean tooth roller and smooth roller. The materials for the brush hair include palm fiber, bristles, feather’s hollow shafts, nylon, Chinese Iris roots, etc. Among these choices, Chinese Iris roots are the best as they are non-toxic and flavorless.

At the early stage, corn flour milling machinery adopted scrapers to clean the surface of smooth rollers. Scrapers were made with alloy steel plates. The contact line of the scraper and roller should be parallel to roller’s axis and the contact pressure should be uniform and proper along the whole contact length. The cleaning wouldn’t work as long as there was a slight deviation. As the scrapers had high requirements for manufacture and operation techniques, they have been replaced by brushes.

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