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Egypt GASC purchased 175,000 tons wheat from

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An Egyptian wheat buyer-Genearal Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) purchased 175,000 tons Russian and Romanian wheat through this Tuesday’s bidding; the wheat will be shipped between 21st and 30th September. As indicated by Vice president of GASC Mohammed Abdul Al Fatah and suppliers, the average price for the wheat is USD 258.81/ton including the freight. The trade details from the suppliers showed that GASC purchased 60,000 tons Romanian wheat from Invivo, with CNF price USD 257.77/ton; 60,000 tons Russian wheat from Bungay, with CNF price USD 259.29/ton; 55,000 tons Russian wheat from Bungay, with CNF price USD 259.43/ton. Since the beginning of this year, 1st July, GASC has purchased 1,065,000 tons wheat from international market. Last month, GASC said that the wheat it held in stock could meet the demand for 6 months till the end of 2014. During 2013/2014, Egypt purchased 5,560,000 tons wheat from overseas market and 3,700,000 tons from local market.
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