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For the first time, the United Nations World Food Programme transported aid to Afghanistan through Tajikistan

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On November 26 local time, a batch of humanitarian aid provided by the United Nations World Food Programme to Afghanistan was shipped from Tajikistan.
According to the information released by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Tajikistan, this batch of materials is 2500 tons of flour, which is transported to Badakhshan province of Afghanistan through Tajikstan and Afghan border ports, mainly to meet the winter food supply of mountain residents in the province. This is also the first batch of supplies provided by the world food programme to Afghanistan through the territory of Tajikistan.
On the same day, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Tajikistan also said that at present, international organizations and relevant aid countries are unable to directly transport goods to Badakhshan province, and Tajikistan is willing to provide transit channels for the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.
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