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Oman 180T/D Wheat Processing Technique

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We’ve installed a 180T/D wheat processing complete set of equipment in Asian Oman. Pre-cleaning adopts a pre-cleaning drum sieve. Cleaning process adopts two siftings, two scourings, one de-stoning, one dampening, two magnet separatings, one wheat blending and three air suctions; it’s also equipped with offal treatment system; milling process adopts ten MMD 25/100 full automatic roller mills, four FSFG6×24C plansifters, three FQFD49*3*2 purifiers, two FFPD45×2 bran scourers, two micro feeders, four balancers, six 60T flour bins, two 30T bran bins, four electronic weighing and packing scales. Whole production line adopts steel structure layout, full automatic PLC control. Enclosed pipeline is used for ventilation and de-dusting. The workshop construction period is short; the milling technique can meet customer’s different demands through adjustment. PLC control system can realize central control with high automation. Normal production can be implemented by only four workers, greatly reducing the labor costs. The equipment layout is in good order and pleasing to the eye. The building area is about 450m2. The workshop has good hygiene conditions and production operations are flexible.

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