Maize Flour Milling Machinery

Complete set 160T/24H maize flour processing machine in Zambia, Africa

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Our company installed in Africa Zambia 160t / 24h corn processing equipment: cleaning process, using high-efficiency screen, stone removal machine, strong water machine, magnetic separator, slag breaker, embryo separator to complete a screening, stone removal, water setting, slag making, grading, embryo selection, magnetic separation, slag breaking and embryo selection process; This technology is completely suitable for local corn cleaning and processing. The powder room adopts fully automatic electric control pulverizer, high square flat screen and two electronic weighing automatic packing scales. The whole production line is fully automatic PLC control, and the pipeline is fully closed for ventilation and dust removal. The milling process can be adjusted to meet the different requirements of customers. High degree of automation, saving manpower; The equipment layout is compact, neat and beautiful, and covers a small area; Airtight ventilation, good sanitary conditions in the workshop; Flexible operation and wide adaptability.

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