Maize Flour Milling Machinery

300T/D corn flour equipment

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General layout:

It has six square bins with loading height 12m and capacity 115t per bin; totally 690t.
The workshop has five floors consisting corn receiving and pre-cleaning section, cleaning section, dampening and dehulling section, milling section and finished product processing section. Pre-cleaning is on the fifth floor; after pre-cleaning, corn will be sent to corn bin. Roller mills are installed on the second floor, plansifters are installed on the fifth floor, finished product packing is installed on the second floor, corn bran and germ packing is on the first floor, central control room is on the second floor through which we can directly observe the operation of the roller mills.
To keep the workshop’s hygiene, impurity treatment, finished product packing and by-product packing are separated with milling system with walls.

Corn cleaning:

cleaning system adopts 2 screening, 1 de-stoning, 2 magnet separatings, 1 dampening and 1 de-hulling. Air suction separator separates the germ in the corn; vibro dampener dampens the corn before de-hulling to ensure uniform dampening. Dehuller separates corn bran and germ to ensure the quality of the main product and comprehensive utilization of by-products. The system is equipped with 3 sets of de-dusting systems.

Corn milling: 

milling system adopts 3B 3M milling process, with gentle grinding and fine separating, adopting advanced milling and screening equipment to ensure its technical effect. 2  sets of pneumatic conveying systems and 1 set of low pressure air suction sytem are used. This technique can produce three grades of flour at the same time and highly nutritive germ flour, corn grits and pastry flour.

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