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Notices for the purchase of flour milling machines

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According to the market trend, we provide the latest flour milling machinery prices and notices for the purchase of milling machines. Meanwhile you can have an understanding of the market trend of flour milling machines. Next we will introduce the notices for the purchase of flour milling machines.

Notices for the purchase of flour milling machines

The body of the flour milling machines is made of non-cast material and adopts complete steel plate welding. Besides the special cutting functions, grading device is arranged in the machine. The crushed stock, under the effect of air flow, is collected by grading device. Generally this grading device replaces the sieve of the crushing equipment and can finish the two processes of fine crushing and ultra fine crushing. There is one-time crushing with no residue, finished product rate 100%.

Flour milling machines can adjust product granularity conveniently. The granularity is uniform and no sifter is required. Consumable parts all adopt special wear-resisting material or hard alloy, with good wear resistance. And the cost to change the consumable parts is low and they conform to the hygiene standards of various products.

Flour milling machine is equipped with cooling device and guarantees the stock’s luster, taste and quality for heat sensitive material. Common types possess excellent heat dissipation function which avoids temperature rise from deteriorating the stock and guarantees continuous work.

Flour milling machines can clean and crush various stocks while guaranteeing the equipment’s normal operation and without stopping the machines. The mixing is uniform and flour is made for one time without residue; and no stock needs to be circulated and the machines can guarantee the uniformity of the contents of various ingredients. The inlet granularity is not limited and can enter the machine without crushing. The machines can accommodate to stocks of different water contents and don’t need drying equipment.

Small flour milling machines can be used alone or used together with other machines. There is no need to construct workshops or lay the foundation. The machines are not fixed and the installation and using is convenient, the operation is stable.

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